Call Center Technology

Stratus Contact Center

Empower your customer experience with an innovative and reliable solution. Connect your company to the world.

Full Multi-Tenant

Host multiple clients in the same installation while insuring a strict separation between their data.

Flexible Integrations

A rich set of APIs opens for easy and powerful integrations with third-party software or inhouse development.


A performant queueing mechanism ensures the distribution of interaction, whether calls, email, SMS, or social, to the qualified agent.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Easily create self-service IVRs by connecting boxes with access to TTS, Speech Recognition, Databases, and REST APIs.

Skill-based Routing for Inbound and Outbound

Connect customers to the agents that are the most qualified to provide the best customer experience.

Support for Text-To-Speech

Integrations with Amazon and Google speech synthesis to quickly create audio file or play the text directly from IVRs.

Coaching & Monitoring

Call recordings, transcripts, and live monitoring, combined to evaluation forms, offer the ideal tool for coaching and training new agents.

Real-time Queues Statistics

Access statistics in real-time directly from IVRs to make smart decisions on calls routing and reacting to special events.


Place calls directly with a simple click from your favorite CRM, or web page, to an IVR, sales representative or support team.

100% Web-Based

All administrator and agent applications are available via a modern and appealing web-based interface.


Popup any CRM or custom web-based form in the agents’ application to display and capture customers information.

Integration with a Diversity of Channels

Whether for calls, SMS or social channels, it is fast and easy to integrate with a new provider.