Our Story

Stratus Telecom is a unique communications organization based in New Hampshire that offers business phone systems and many ancillary services. We provide outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and sustainable business practices. Our vision is to build community and ecological resilience by providing the best communication services. Our current customers include healthcare institutions, schools, municipalities, professional offices, and other small to medium businesses.

At Stratus, our mission is to:

  • Provide outstanding service to our business community.
  • Engage all stakeholders with authenticity, transparency, and compassion.
  • Enkindle stewardship of the earth and empowerment of all her people.
  • Lead the telecommunications industry towards ecological and social responsibility.

We uphold the following values:

Inclusion. We utilize circle process in our team meetings and decision-making to help ensure that every voice is heard and that all ideas are welcomed to the table. In our hiring practices and partnerships, we are actively seeking more diverse relationships and are eager to include more opportunities and connections with women and people of color. We recognize that more diverse voices equate to better outcomes for all.

Simplicity. We are embarking on the “disciplined pursuit of less” and we encourage the same of our team and our partners.

Integrity. We hold ourselves (and each other) accountable. We frequently check our compass to ensure our decisions and actions are aligned with our intentions and values.

Abundance. We approach decision-making from an abundance mindset because we believe outcomes are always better when we act from a place of “enough” instead of from scarcity or fear.

Stewardship. We believe it is our responsibility to steward our personal health, our community’s well-being, and the Earth’s vitality. We are endeavoring this multi-faceted stewardship through self-care, work-life balance, education, service and charity, and ecologically-sound decisions and actions.

Our (growing list of) of current and future commitments:

  • Pursue B-Corp Certification
  • Align with partners and customers who share similar practices and ideals
  • Seek more diversity in our workplace and supply chain
  • Work with vendors to establish a more responsible supply chain
  • Leverage technology to reduce waste
  • Empower remote employees to reduce fossil fuel use and other ecologically-conscious practices
  • Provide Energy Star rated and refurbished hardware options
  • Offer and encourage free recycling of old telephones and electronics

At Stratus, our vision is that our families and communities for generations to come will live in a world that celebrates diversity, abundance, and the natural world. We also envision a growing business community where profits are treated as fuel for the betterment of this world for everyone’s benefit.

Please feel free to reach out Our Chief Sustainability Officer, Becca Houghton, if you have questions or ideas!