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Our Story

Stratus Telecom is a unique communications organization based in New Hampshire that offers business phone systems and many ancillary services. We provide outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and sustainable business practices. Our vision is to build community and ecological resilience by providing the best communication services. Our current customers include healthcare institutions, schools, municipalities, professional …

communication audit

Simplify Your Business

Let us help you simplify your business (big or small) better by doing a communications audit. We can help you get the best value and consolidate your systems to simple and manageable. Leverage communication technology to grow your business, but don’t be burdened by it.

Call Center Technology

Stratus Contact Center

Empower your customer experience with an innovative and reliable solution. Connect your company to the world. Full Multi-Tenant Host multiple clients in the same installation while insuring a strict separation between their data. Flexible Integrations A rich set of APIs opens for easy and powerful integrations with third-party software or inhouse development. ACD A performant …

Move your business online

Connect Your Business

We have all the services you need to bring your employees and customers together during this new reality. Learn how you can save money, streamline your business, and stay connected to your customers.